Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flirting with the enemy

Scripture reference: Judges 16:1-22

There is something that has always puzzled me about Samson.  After Delilah constantly asked what made Him weak, then attempted to trap him with those very things he told her would make him weak, he told her his secret anyway! Why would he do that? Didn't he know that she was setting him up? Was it that he was so deeply in love with her?  The bible never says that she loved him back.  She was using him to get the money promised to her by the Philistine rulers.

After pondering this for a while, I started to think about myself and the behavior of the entire Christian community.  Don't we also "flirt" with the enemy?  We know that the enemy wants to steal our joy, depress us, strip us of our faith and power and yet we continue to entertain the likes of him and what he offers.  We know what our weaknesses are.  We know what makes our powers low and sometimes without a second thought, we give the power that God has given to us to the enemy.

How?  We continue to engage in sinful activities.  We go places we shouldn't. We say things that we shouldn't say.  We don't spend time studying God's word or in prayer! These things, among others, deplete us of our power.  We are sucked dry, drained of our power when we are not being who God has called us to be.

Today, I encourage you to examine your power meter. Don't allow the enemy or anyone else to drain you of the power of God that has been placed within you.  :-)

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