Thursday, September 19, 2013

You can say NO when you KNOW!!

An encouraging word from my dear friend, Tiera. Be blessed!

In order to grasp your Purpose in God, and take hold of your destiny, you must have an understanding of Who and Whose you are.

Unless you KNOW what God declares about you, you won’t have the courage to say NO to the fallacies and temptations of the enemy (my people perish due to lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6). There are plenty of times when I approach God with a heart weighted by “whys”. Why do I continue to fall for the same tricks and traps? Why am I not where I want to be financially? Why have I not tapped into my purpose? Why am I not where I desire to be professionally? Why am I still single? Why, why, why???
God recently blessed me with a revelation that has forever changed the trajectory of my life: “When you don’t KNOW your true worth in me, you’re easily manipulated by the enemy and don’t recognize when to say NO to his counterfeits.” Just like with counterfeit money, if you don’t know what a real hundred dollar bill looks like, you’ll be bamboozled by its counterfeit. This is exactly what the enemy hopes for and preys on. Your adversary walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour (1Peter 5:8). He seeks out those areas where we are blind to the truth and presents a counterfeit. The enemy’s deceits about your marriage, your finances, your relationships, your children, your employment, your health, and your worth must be battled with the truth of God’s word. The only way to say NO to the enemy is to KNOW who you are in God.

Transparently speaking, God has more for me and thinks higher of me than I could ever imagine. Generally speaking, at times we lose sight of the GEM we are in His Eyes. We get overwhelmed by the “little big things” in life, and become blind to how FAB (Favored, Anointed, and Blessed) we are. God declares that we are Fearfully and Wonderfully made and His thoughts towards us are to give us a hope and a future. I have learned that we must remind ourselves daily about our true identity. We must look in the mirror and celebrate Who and Whose we are. Otherwise, our self-esteem will go whichever way the enemy blows. And like the three little pigs, our straw house of esteem will come crashing down.
Yes, it is vital to surround yourself with people who are going to rejoice with you and where you are going. Nevertheless, always remember that it starts with YOU recognizing and appreciating how FAB you are. Only when you KNOW that you are God’s treasured possession, is this truly possible (Deuteronomy 7:6).

To KNOW more about who you are in God’s eyes, and gather the audacity to say NO to the enemy, please read: Psalm 62:5-8 and Psalm 139.

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