Friday, May 10, 2013

The In-Between

1 Kings 17:22 NLT "The Lord heard Elijah’s prayer, and the life of the child returned, and he revived!"

Have you ever found yourself "in-between?" You were obedient, you received your blessing and then it seemed as if during the time you were enjoying your blessing, you were cursed.  The period of the curse and before the restoration is the "in-between?"  Have you ever found yourself there?

In 1 Kings 17:8-24 (read when you get time), a widow experienced this very thing.  In this particular story, the widow and her son had very little to eat and Elijah comes to her asking for food.  She explained to Elijah that she didn't have any food but only a little flour and oil to make the last meal for her and her son because afterwards they were going to die for lack of food. Then Elijah gives her instructions from the Lord (v. 13-14) to not be afraid but to use what she had to prepare a meal for her and her son but to feed him first! As a mother, my initial thought would have been "I have to feed my child first!" I don't know what her thoughts were but the bible says that she did as she was told. She was obedient. (v.15).

Because of her obedience, she was blessed!! She received exactly what was promised to her. (v. 16).  Then there was a sudden turn of events.  All was well until her son became sick and died. (v.17). Lord, you have been faithful and have done just as you said. Now, you're taking my son away?  Those were her thoughts. She questioned what Elijah did to her and why he came there. (v.18). 

But the Lord is faithful and gives restoration! Although her son died, Elijah took him upstairs to pray for him. (v.21). The Lord his prayer and returned the child's life back to him! (v. 22) Praise God! Isn't that an encouraging story?

Oftentimes, we can too be in a similar situation where we're obedient and then receive the fruit of our obedience-the blessing.  Just when things are going so well, something can surely go wrong.  However, while you're "in between" and waiting on God to restore you, just remember that He is faithful! Continue to seek Him in all that you do!

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