Monday, October 15, 2012

Let It Out

It's October!!!

This is my favorite time of the year...the holiday season.  From now until January, there will be many celebrations and indulgences of many delicious foods.  Throughout this time, we are often tempted to discuss what we did and did not do during the past year.  We also spend much time discussing what we're planning to do in the next year.

I'd like to take a moment to halt you right there...stop right there in your tracks!  Do not spend any energy dwelling on what you did not do this past year.  If there was something that you wanted to accomplish or start but have not done it, do it NOW! The time is NOW!  All of the energy used to think about what you should and could have done can and should be spent on the actual activity! I think we'll be extremely productive people if we spent just as much time doing what we talk about doing.

Look toward your incredible and awesome future! I believe that God has placed something great in each of us! Guess what, that THING that you're holding inside of  you, someone NEEDS it...there is someone out there who NEEDS your business, your non profit organization, your song, your book, your talent, your skill...

Know this...whatever it is that God has placed within you--His vision for your life--it is meant to be used to glorify Him and to uplift His people!

So get going...someone needs you...walk in love!

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