Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good company or bad company

1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character."

Take a moment to think about your friends, loved ones, coworkers and associates. Think about the people who you interact with daily.  Have you ever found yourself saying a new word?  It doesn't have to be a bad word but just a new word that you've picked up on from someone else?  You've heard the word so many times from this person that it has just become a part of who you are.  I have.  For example, my husband used to say two things ALL the time and I do mean ALL! LOL!  These two things are: "you good?" and "matter of fact."  I would tease him about these words but would find those two phrases slipping out of my mouth from time to time. (Honey I'm not saying that you're bad company--stay with me here)

Have you ever found yourself doing things that you didn't use to do? Have you found yourself in places you didn't use to go? Places that made you uncomfortable have now made you comfortable?  Have you really ever been in a place and thought, "how did I get here?"

One thing to remember is that once you're around something or someone for so long, you become like that thing or person.  Whether good or bad, you're going to change.  I would just like to encourage you today to make sure that you're exposing your mind and spirit to the right things and people...people who are going to encourage you to grow and help you proceed in the right direction.  Do not be fooled to think that their (those you are with most) ways won't become a part of you because they will. See our key verse.

Be encourgaed and continue to strive toward greatness!

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